What Swim Schools Say

I absolutely love the FloaterPaddles! They are brilliant. We have been using them for basic floats, for adding arms in freestyle, replacing a typical kick board, breaststroke pull, etc. They help get children's arms out of the water, helps them reach forward and not drop in freestyle, it beats any kick board on the market; putting them in the correct body position with enough buoyancy. For breaststroke, it helps keep kids arms up on the surface since they always drop way too deep. It helps create a bend of an elbow in the pull. I now use them in all our advanced lessons every day."
-Jamie Pascale 

"We have found the FloaterPaddles effective for teaching straight leg kicking and keeping kids from using their arms to dog paddle. They are very helpful to use in teaching arm and breathing drills for freestyle."
-Judy Heumann 

"The FloaterPaddle has been a great addition to our program. It is a valuable tool especially with reluctant swimmers. The FloaterPaddle allows the swimmers to maintain a proper body position so that they can focus on other aspects of a stroke. It works well with children as well as adults." -Carla Zarifeh