What our Swimmers are Saying

The FloaterPaddle is a revolutionary new swimming device that combines the functionality of a paddle, a kick board, and a floater. The diversity of uses that the FloaterPaddle provides, makes it great for both kids and adults.

A Device With A Variety Of Valuable Uses

The FloaterPaddle can be of great assistance whether one is lounging in the water, swimming through the currents, or looking to make use of the device as a kickboard. Basically, whatever it was that drew you to the water to begin with, the FloaterPaddle can make the experience that much greater. Unlike other one dimensional swimming devices, the FloaterPaddle is multi-dimensional, offering something for everybody.

What makes this tool unique, is also the fact that it can be used for non-recreational activities. For example, the FloaterPaddle can be used for certain swimming exercises implemented into swimming based physical therapy routines. Due to its low impact nature, the water has always been considered a great setting for physical therapy to take place, and the FloaterPaddle can help those who have suffered injuries rebuild strength, while developing coordination. The variety of exercises one can engage in through the use of the FloaterPaddle is practically limitless, and guaranteed to move one closer toward full rehabilitation.

A Safe Option For Kids

The FloaterPaddle is also one of the safest devices a parent can place in the hands of their children. Most parents acknowledge the importance behind teaching kids how to swim, and the FloaterPaddle offers them the assistance to be able to hone the skills that go into their kicks and strokes. But most importantly, the FloaterPaddle can be safely used as a floatation device for kids as they play, relax, and learn to swim.

Relax The Way You Want With The FloaterPaddle

For those who aren't exactly looking for a workout, but still want to enjoy the water, the FloaterPaddle can act as a companion for relaxation. Just let the FloaterPaddle do the work, taking the burden off you to tread water and allowing you to relax horizontally if desired. By the time you're well rested after making use of the device as a floater, you can then jet over to visit with your friends by utilizing its paddle design. The simple fact of the matter is that no matter what you wish to do in the water, the FloaterPaddle can be of tremendous fun and assistance.



I have been managing swimming pool showrooms for over 25 years now. I recently came across a swim aid that was among the most unique and versatile ones that I have ever seen. I felt compelled to write my opinion about this product because of all the different things you can do with it. The name of this highly innovative swim device is called the ‘Floater Paddle’

What makes this swim aid so unique is that it’s a 3-in-1 device. It can help you relax and float upright when your hands are placed at your sides, you can outstretch your hands in front of you and use it as a kickboard or you can also use it as a paddle to help propel yourself faster as you swim.

Years ago I saw simple but effective swim aids like the ‘Pool Noodle’ and ‘Wearable Arm Floaties’ start to show up at every swimming pool and beach. I fully expect the ‘Floater Paddle’ to do the same because it’s even better and more versatile than these swim aids. Floater Paddles will definitely maximize the amount of fun you or your children will have while in the water.

The Floater Paddle actually comes in two different versions. There is an inflatable version for younger kids and a one-piece foam version for children over 8-years of age and adults. To wear either type of these swim aids you simply place your hand through the underside of the hole in them and then grip the end like a bicycle handlebar. Both the foam and the inflatable versions are ultra-lightweight and comfortable to wear too.

One other nice thing about them is they are easy to store and take places with you. Of course the inflatable version can simply be deflated for easy storage and then quickly blown up later to use again.

I did find that the one-piece foam version of the Floater Paddle does have one very minor drawback for adults. If you have very big forearms it might fit a little tight on you. My manufacturer’s rep assures me that a new foam ‘Floater Paddle’ design that will fit larger forearm sizes will be available soon.

So whether you want your child to learn how to swim easier or you as an adult want a more exhilarating experience when swimming, then be sure to give the Floater Paddle a try. It truly is a visionary product that can enhance everyone’s fun and safety as they swim.



I was happy to find out about the unique and space-saving FloaterPaddle since my whole family enjoys water sports. Functioning as swim paddles, a kickboard, and floaters, the FloaterPaddle’s design allows you to be completely prepared for your next trip to the beach or pool without taking up tons of space. The FloaterPaddle is easy to pack and leaves enough space in the van for our luggage and other supplies. Again, that’s ideal for our family since we travel a lot to our cottage and also enjoy camping trips and swimming in various outdoor lakes. The options of hard plastic and soft inflatable material are nice to choose between and allow for the younger kids to use them comfortably as well. Being able to use the floatation device from the waist to the arms is probably less restrictive and alleviates any discomfort when life vests aren’t the correct size or fastened correctly. The FloaterPaddle helps you float with ease and makes the swim outing enjoyable for all. It’s also great to have the option to pick up or take off while in the water, so the additional ease of use is definitely a big plus. For the kickboard option, I like that they seem easier to use than an unwieldy, bulky board. Having the ability to move your arms without having to navigate the logistics of passing the board back and forth will make using the Floater Paddle a great tool to teach swimming. Since I teach swimming classes at a local swim facility, I plan to talk to my supervisor about purchasing this new product to use for instruction. In addition, the paddle capability looks fun and appears user-friendly. I can’t wait to try them out with my students to see how effective they are, but the design suggests an improved speed. All-in-all, the FloaterPaddle seems like a very well-designed, durable product that I would love to try out with my family on our next beach vacation and with my students in their weekly swimming classes.



Generations of kids used inflatable armbands, water wings, and kids’ life vests to learn to swim and hated them. They hated them because they attached to their bodies and restricted their movement. They also became bored faster and tired sooner. Older kids called them ninnies because inflatable armbands, water wings, and kids’ life vests are baby things and there’s no escaping that fact.

I don’t even want to ask how many kids got into trouble off beaches in Australia, South Africa, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. They got into difficulty because they left their water wings behind because they felt embarrassed wearing them. They got into trouble because they had no floatation support when they needed it urgently.

I am so glad Floater Paddle entered the market with a floatation device that’s a hand paddle, a floating aid, and a kickboard rolled up in one. And it’s in a bright orange color so it’s easy to spot. You can literally roll the inflatable one up after you let the air out, and pop it in your bag. I chose the rigid foam version because it can never lose its buoyancy, and it is suitable for older kids too.

Using a pair of floater paddles makes learning to swim real easy. Extend your arms through and grasp the soft holding bar. You will float upright with your head above water. Stretch your arms ahead of you to tone up your kicking. Make a breaststroke motion and it’s like having flipper fins on your hands, but only better.

However, the real discriminator is floater paddles are fun to use, and kids as we know enjoy endless fun. They are going to wear them all the time because they will want to show them off. Good news for older children and lazy adults: They are suitable for all ages. Try a set yourself. Maybe buy several. The whole family will want to try.