The FloaterPaddle is a unique and versatile 3-in-1 swim aid: it’s a floating aid, a swim paddle, and it can also be used as a kick board. Use FloaterPaddle with a flotation belt to easily learn how to swim or for a great water exercise.

The FloaterPaddle is a fun and easy to use swim aid and is a great addition to swimming lessons and training especially when used as a kick board. It can also be used for water exercise and fitness routines (water aerobics) and in physical rehabilitation programs.

While life vests and arm floaties are currently popular tools used in swim training, these devices make it difficult for children to move their bodies from a vertical to horizontal position in the water. This limited movement makes learning to swim difficult and many children quickly become bored and give up on swimming. The FloaterPaddle not only helps children to float in the water but it also allows them to move around the pool, beach or lake with ease thus making learning - and swimming - more enjoyable. When swimming is fun and easy, kids stay in the water for longer. And the longer kids are in the water, the better swimmers they become.

Another great FloaterPaddle feature is that you can continue to enjoy the water after you’ve tired of swimming. Many children and adults resort to sitting on the edge of pools once they start to feel physically exerted. However, if you’ve finished swimming and want to stay in the water for longer, simply stretch out your arms sideways and enjoy the floating sensation in vertical position FloaterPaddle has to offer. 

FloaterPaddle can also be used on boats and canoes in addition to approved personal flotation devices (PFD’s). FloaterPaddle is not a life-saving device and should not be used as a replacement for life vests. However, FloaterPaddle makes swimming easier, so it can be used to help you swim to shore more quickly than when you are wearing an approved PFD.

*Please note: FloaterPaddle is designed to enhance enjoyment and is NOT a lifesaving device. Always carry appropriate and regulation-approved safety equipment.