An Honest Assessment of the FloaterPaddle

An Honest Assessment Of The FloaterPaddle 

The FloaterPaddle is a revolutionary new swimming device that combines the functionality of a paddle, a kick board, and a floater. The diversity of uses that the FloaterPaddle provides, makes it great for both kids and adults.

A Device With A Variety Of Valuable Uses

The FloaterPaddle can be of great assistance whether one is lounging in the water, swimming through the currents, or looking to make use of the device as a kickboard. Basically, whatever it was that drew you to the water to begin with, the FloaterPaddle can make the experience that much greater. Unlike other one dimensional swimming devices, the FloaterPaddle is multi-dimensional, offering something for everybody.

What makes this tool unique, is also the fact that it can be used for non-recreational activities. For example, the FloaterPaddle can be used for certain swimming exercises implemented into swimming based physical therapy routines. Due to its low impact nature, the water has always been considered a great setting for physical therapy to take place, and the FloaterPaddle can help those who have suffered injuries rebuild strength, while developing coordination. The variety of exercises one can engage in through the use of the FloaterPaddle is practically limitless, and guaranteed to move one closer toward full rehabilitation.

A Safe Option For Kids

The FloaterPaddle is also one of the safest devices a parent can place in the hands of their children. Most parents acknowledge the importance behind teaching kids how to swim, and the FloaterPaddle offers them the assistance to be able to hone the skills that go into their kicks and strokes. But most importantly, the FloaterPaddle can be safely used as a floatation device for kids as they play, relax, and learn to swim.

Relax The Way You Want With The FloaterPaddle

For those who aren't exactly looking for a workout, but still want to enjoy the water, the FloaterPaddle can act as a companion for relaxation. Just let the FloaterPaddle do the work, taking the burden off you to tread water and allowing you to relax horizontally if desired. By the time you're well rested after making use of the device as a floater, you can then jet over to visit with your friends by utilizing its paddle design. The simple fact of the matter is that no matter what you wish to do in the water, the FloaterPaddle can be of tremendous fun and assistance.



  • The floater paddles are so fun and great for kids of all ages! My 8 year old son loved them to be able to float around in the deep end longer and float on his back all the way across the pool! Great summer fun!

  • Bought for 5 and 7 year old needing to learn to swim. They were able to learn how to kick their feet for bouyancy and the floaters helped to have the confidence without sinking. It works!

    Cameron Mendoza
  • Floater paddle
    Whenever i swim i always wanted to touch the side of the pool. Now that i have my floater paddle, i can float even in the middle. I can float with my FP with arms straight out, or bent, with legs upright straight, or bent, with me horizontal or vertical. I can also use it for exercise having the confidence that i can float removing fear of drowning. I use the large size having a size 7glove size.


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